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Aerial silks for teens workshop

Start on 08 February 2024

Dear parents and young circus lovers,

Starting on February we will be opening an aerial silks workshop tailored for teens between the ages of 11 to 16 years. The program consists of 8 lessons and teaches the basics of aerial silks in a way that’s easy to grasp while maintaining safety at all times.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through each move, helping them get stronger and more confident in the air. It’s not just about learning tricks; it’s about having a great time and trying something new that will provide valuable skills, self-knowledge and discipline. So, if you’re up for a bit of adventure and want to learn some cool aerial skills, this workshop is the perfect fit. No experience needed – just bring your enthusiasm

Note: At the end of the program we will host a small performance for family and friends.

Aerial silk for teens - workshop

Practical information

  • Program lenght: 8 lessons of 1 hour each

  • Start date: Thu, 08 February 2024

  • Pause: Thu, 22 February (Voorjaarsvakantie)

  • End date: Thu, 04 April 2024

  • Location: Lola Luid , Derkinderenstraat 44, 1062 BJ Amsterdam

  • Cost: €200 all inclusive

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