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New pricing and membership updates

Updated: Mar 12

Hey there aerialists and acrobats, 🎪 We have some news on the horizon! 🚀

New Membership Pricing ✨

Starting from 1st April, we'll be rolling out a new membership pricing model. We're introducing different prices based on the length of the contract you choose. The longer your commitment, the sweeter the deal – it's our way of saying thanks for sticking with us.


3 months

6 months

12 months

Birdie (5x)




Plane (8x)




Rocket (12x)




Starship (15x)




Current members 🎁 💝

  • You'll automatically land in the 12-month tier to ensure you keep getting the best value for your aerial adventures.

    • Don't worry, you can cancel same as now (1 month notice)

  • If you are on the unlimited Starship we will keep it that way for you.

Single Session Scoop 🎟️

Our single session and punch card prices have also been updated. These changes help us ensure that our equipment stays top-notch for all your awe-inspiring moves.



Trial lesson (3x)


1x card


5x card


10x card


Other changes

Going forward cancellations for regular lessons will be possible within a 8 hour period.

Why the Shift? 💸

This tweak means we can maintain the stellar quality you expect and keep our studio a haven for aerial artistry. With these updates, each swing, drop, and inversion remains as magical as ever. We're all about giving you a place to shine and defy gravity. 🌟

We promise to keep our current offering and stay on the lookout for some exciting news in the coming period.

Here's to acing those aerials, no matter the altitude or the cost! 🙌

Stay elevated,

With love,


Aerials Amsterdam

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