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Winter 2021

Hey all!

It's been some months already that we could reopen the gym and come back to training in the silks and hoop! Yaaay

This wonderful year is almost coming to an end and we wanted to share some upcoming developments with everyone.

New Corona measures

As winter approaches we are seeing more measures set out by the Dutch government for gyms and other venues.

As of 6 November gyms are required to ask for coronavirus entry passes.

Staff will monitor this where applicable.

We trust that people with symptoms will stay at home to avoid spreading the virus.

Other news

  • Winter holidays

The gym will remain open during Christmas season with reduced number of classes and some might be swapped for Open jams.

Please contact us in case you would like to host open jams!

We will update the schedule soon.

  • Open CLA day 11 December

We are planning a open day with CLA partners on 11 December. Aerials Amsterdam will be presenting one of the choreographies created during monday's choreo class. More news to come soon!

  • No automatic cancellation of Friday lessons

During the summer we configured a setting in Eversports that cancelled lessons if less than 4 students. We have now reverted that for Hoop Intermediate and Stretch to fly on Fridays so we can build up those days again.

  • Silks and conditioning starting at 19:15

Moving the class 15 min. later so there is more time in between with the previous lesson.

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