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- Team Building -


Looking to have fun and renew your team's energy in the workplace?

Want to have a group that works as a team? 

Get your team to better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests.


If team building with a twist is what you are after, then you are in the right place! We offer packages specifically tailored to best meet the needs of your group, accommodating all ages, skill levels, and physical abilities - get in touch with us and we will design your workshop or event in no-time! 

Our highly skilled trainers will lead your team through a series ofactivities that will challenge, excite and invigorate your team in asafe and supportive environment.

Activities can include: trapeze, stretching, aerial silks, acrobatics balance and more.

‣ Personal achievement
‣ Group cohesion
‣ Composure and concentration under pressure
‣ Challenge and achievement
‣ Working cooperatively

‣ Fun

Workshop General Overview

The start: warming up and waking up, conditioning and stretching focused on

preparing the body for the workshop. Group recognition and integration.

The core: we focus on the exploring and practicing our motor silks, concentration and communication with the group while using circus activities to have fun and strengthen team trust. 


The end: we slow down, relax, stretch and reflect in group about the accomplished.

We finish the workshop with a coffee, tea and cookies.

Group Acrobatics | Team Building 

Workshop Structure:


Warm up and wake up:
Through a series of physical games we will have our bodies and

minds woken up and warmed up.

Stretch and strengthen:
The group will be guided through strength and flexibility exercises to prepare our bodies.


Counter balance, trusting and trustworthy:
Partner acrobatics is built on a foundation of cooperation and trust.

Before we can move on to constructing a tower out of our team of 

people we first need to spend some time on the basics. We need to

learn how to physically support others and how to let others support us.

Partner and group acrobatics:
Once our bodies are warm, stretched and we know how to go about safely supporting each other it is time for the fun stuff. Starting with

pairs and working our way up to the whole group, we will be buildinghuman pyramids.

Aerial Silks | Team Building

Workshop Structure

The start: warming up, conditioning and stretching focused

 on preparing the body for aerial practice while recognising 

and integrating with your team members.

The core: we move on to the silks and trapeze to explore 

and practice our motor silks, concentration and
communication with the group.

The group will work towards a group sequence to be performed at the end of the work shop.

The sequence: each participant will choose a role in the group to 

design, structure and execute a sequence where personal 

characteristics will need to be put to play together for a team goal.

The end: we slow down, relax, stretch and reflect in group about

the accomplished.

Aerial silks

Hula Hoop | Team Building

Workshop Structure

hula hoop`

The start: warming up and waking up, conditioning and stretching focused on preparing the body for the workshop.  Group 

recognition and integration.


The core: we focus on exploring and practicing our motor silks, 

concentration and communication with the group while using the 

hoop to have fun, dance and strengthen team trust. 

The end: we slow down, relax, stretch and reflect in group about 

the accomplished.


We finish the workshop with a coffee, tea and cookies.

Team Building Workshops Practical info

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: The start, the core, the end 
Location: Schipluidenlaan 10 (Aerials Amsterdam gym)

Price: €30 per person
Maximum: 15 students
Minimum: 6 students

Smaller groups are welcome, upon participants' number the price per person might change
Coffee and cookies are included
Catering services available not included in the price - if interested ask for more information

Do you have questions or a special request?  complete the form below.

Just want to talk to a human being? feel free to reach out!


Alejandra Herrera
T. 0613222788


Our mission is to use the thrill and artistic expression of acrobatics and circus arts to energize your team. We highlight that to generate 

valuable insights for everyone competition should go hand in hand with collaboration. 

Move beyond your team’s confidence and creativity with an energy filled circus workshop and enhance their skills,  trust, communication and resilience with a good dose of laughter.

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