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Luchtfotolocaties in amsterdam

Aerials Amsterdam

Description: Bored of the gym? Come fly with us!! Fun workshop that focuses on building core strength and flexibility through intensive training methods.

Discipline(s): Silks, trapeze

Level: Beginners – Advanced

Instructor(s): Ilan Oxman

Contact: +31 6 45724144

Collaborative project for circus in Amsterdam

Olympia Circus Amsterdam

Description: Open space for circus training. Every Saturday from 15:00 to 18:00. Free parking.

Discipline(s): Rigging for aerials, tumbling track, monocycles, dance floor and others

Level: Beginners – Advanced

Instructor(s): None

Contact: +31 6 45724144, +31 6 26730324

Corpus Acrobatics

Corpus Acrobatics is a well-established acrobatic theatre company out of the Netherlands

Bencha Theather

Bencha Theatre creates theatrical, colourful and original acts, performances and shows in a ‘new circus, cirque du soleil’ style. 


kNOTDance offers a range of movement based services for both the public and private sectors 

Circus Werkplaats-Boost


Discipline(s): Silks, hoops

Level: Beginners – Intermediate


Contact: +31 020 663 2203


Description: Aerial classes combining dance, yoga and therapeutical methods.

Discipline(s): Silks, hoop, aerial yoga

Level: Beginners – Intermediate

Instructor(s): Monika Stepak, Gaby Bartonkova

Contact: +31 020 412 2954

Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam

Description: Aerial classes for all levels.

Discipline(s): Silks, hoop

Level: Beginners – Intermediate

Instructor(s): Marcela Viola

Contact: +31 6 33668648

Rasa Lila

Description: Playful and acrobatic aerial classes.

Discipline(s): Silks, hoop, aerial yoga

Level: Beginners – Intermediate

Instructor(s): Gaby Bartonkova, Janneke Van Amelsvoort,

Contact: +31 6 46390468

Dance for your pole

Description: Aerial lessons for all levels.

Discipline(s): Silks

Level: Beginners – Intermediate

Instructor(s): Melanie Fink

Contact: +31 6 41 38 69 52

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