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  • Credits and booking
    In order to join our lessons you will first need to get credits through our webshop. Once that is completed you will need to book a lesson through our online calendar.
  • Membership pause
    It is possible to pause your membership if you will be away for some time on holiday, injury or other reasons. If you're looking to pause your membership please send us an email with: - Full name - Start date - End date
  • Membership termination
    If you're looking to terminate your membership with Eversports, the process is straightforward and you can easily cancel it through the Eversports website or app. Navigate to 'Passes & Memberships' and click on 'View' next to your membership to see the cancellation conditions. More information: Note that it is also possible to pause your membership
  • Cancellation policy
    Full or partial refund in cash is not possible. It is possible to cancel a booking 8 hours before the start time of the class. In that case the system will return a credit to your account. Changes after that will not be recovered. Please update your attendance through our online booking system In case you have questions please check out this help article from Eversports
  • Booking for a partner, children or friends
    On the link below you can find more information about how to create account for a partner, children or friends.
  • Studio rental
    If you would like to rent the studio for personal practice or rehearsal please head to Circus Lab Amsterdam and follow the instructions there :)
  • How to get there?
    Dear aerialists, We're thrilled to have you join us and want to make sure you find your way easily. Please be aware that we have 2 locations. Make sure to double check the right address for your lesson. Circus Lab Amsterdam Gymzaal Schipluidenlaan 10, 1062HE Amsterdam, The Netherlands ​ Upon arrival at this location, please follow the signs for Podium Lely and Circus Lab Amsterdam. This will guide you directly to where the magic happens! Lola Luid Gymzaal Derkinderenstraat 44, 1062BJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands For Lola Luid, the gym entrance is not at the main door. Instead, head towards the roundabout and take a left. You will see the gym building and signs for Aerials Amsterdam directing you to our exciting aerial space. We look forward to seeing you in class! If you have any questions or need further directions, feel free to reach out.
  • At what time does the gym open?
    Gym is always open 15 min. before the class so you can come beforehand to get changed
  • Is there parking at the location?
    You can park on the street outside our gym free of cost from 19:00 onward during weekdays.
  • What language are the lessons in?
    Classes are in English, and the group is from all over the world so you might learn a bit of Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, German, Polish, American, Colombian, Brazilian, French, Belgium, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Australian, Irish, Romanian, Italian, or Chilean (that’s me!)
  • Lessons for Teens
    We have just opened our first workshop for teenagers. You can read all about it on this blog post: Age range for our teens program is between 11 to 16 years of age. Age range for our regular lessons is between 16 to 40 years of age. In case you would like your children to start learning aerial silks you can try contacting the following groups: Olympia Circus Corpus Acrobatics
  • Lessons for beginners
    We have several lesons that are suited for beginners. Please check our onlinecalendar to see which one fits you best
  • What clothes to wear?
    Use comfortable clothing, such as cotton leggings and a shirt that covers your armpits and doesn’t come up while hanging upside down.
  • Do I need special shoes?
    No shoes required, the class is barefoot
  • Do I need previous experience?
    No, during the classes we make sure to give proper support depending on your personal fitness condition and body awareness level. Make sure to book a lesson within a group that suits your experience level. We have the following lessons/levels: - Silks for beginners: aimed at absolute begginers who are getting started in aerial disciplines - Silks and flow: aimed at beginners+ and intermediate students with a focus on flows and transitions on the air. - Silks and conditioning: aimet at beginners+ and intermediate students with a focus on power moves and drops.
  • Should I bring anything to the class?
    Please make sure to bring: - a small towel to dry off (specially during summer season) - a vest with zipper and socks to stay warm in between climbs (specially for the winter season)
  • Students
    If you are passing by Amsterdam be sure to give us a visit during one of our lessons or pop by into our Open training on Saturday's. For lessons: check out our calendar For open training: check our the Facebook event
  • Teachers
    If you would like to share your knowledge with our studio members we have two main options available. Regular lesson: we offer the option to take over one of the regular lessons we have in our gym. This way students get to know different styles and teachers get an opportunity to share with our students. Send us the dates you will be in Amsterdam and which regular lessons you would like to teach. Masterclass: if you have a deep and vast set of content that would like to share, then this is the best option to go. Send us the dates you will be in Amsterdam plus all the information relevant to your masterclass including duration, program, methodology and pictures. Note: For both options please send us an email with your proposal and attach relevant information about your training experience, certifications, teaching methodology, pictures, etc.
  • What are the general COVID-19 measures for Aerials Amsterdam?
    We have published different articles to help navigate through this topic. You can find them all under our Blog section
  • Can we share aerial equipment?
    Due to COVID-19 restrictions students cannot share aerial equipment. This means that everyone needs to have their own silk or hoop. There are rental and purchase options on our Blog section.
  • How long do silks need to be?
    Our gym is about 6.8 meters high. An ideal length for a silk is about 14-16 meters total lenght. When the silk is folded the length will be half (7-8 meters). This calculation includes extra lenght on the tail which is needed when doing moves where the silk is wrapped around you. The 'tail' is the lenght of silk after reaching the ground as you can see on the picture below.
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