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Exclusive Aerial Silks for Your Group's Adventure

Experience the Magic of Aerial Silks



Looking for a unique and memorable way to connect with friends, colleagues, or celebrate a special occasion like a hen party?

Our exclusive Aerial Classes are the perfect choice for your group!

Whether you're celebrating, team building, or just seeking a fun group activity, our classes offer an exciting and inclusive experience for all.


Overview and pricing

Session Overview

  • Duration: ​1 hour and 15 minutes of immersive training.

  • Focus: Aerial silks

Pricing details

  • Cost: €25 per person

  • ​Group Size:​ min 5 - max 20


Why Silks?

Aerial Silks is more than just a workout—it's an art form that combines strength, grace, and flexibility.

  • Full-Body Workout

  • Mind-Body Connection

  • Boosts Confidence
  • Creative Expression
  • Fun and Social



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