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Aerial hoop lessons & Finishing touches

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

As the reopening date approaches we are happy to share some news and updates with everyone.

Hoop lessons

Aerials Amsterdam only has 5 hoops to share with students. Since hoops are a bigger investment we prefer to solve this problem together with your help.

We will need to count with a couple extra hoops in order for the lesson to go forward, or else we will be forced to postpone the class until further notice.

We need everyone to collaborate with us on the following points:

  • If possible, please bring your own aerial hoop to use during the class. You can store it in the gym zaal with a lock that we have installed.

  • Bring 2 meter straps for rigging (ideally purple ones)

  • Find an aerial hoop training partner. This way you can share the hoop with them during the lesson

  • Bring socks to use during the lesson


We have divided the schedule for Aerial Hoop lessons into 2 categories so we can better track the situation.

  • Aerial hoop | Beginner and intermediate [gym hoop]

    • Subscribe here if you need to borrow a hoop from us

  • Aerial hoop | Beginner and intermediate [own hoop]

    • Subscribe here if you have your own hoop

Image below shows the 2 options available in the calendar.


We installed a set of fans on the windows at the top in order to create a draft and keep the air fresh.

This will not only help keep us healthy from viruses but also keep us cool(er) during the hot months ahead!

  • Windows in the gym hall will remain open

  • Fans will be placed on upper windows to create an airstream

  • Door of the gym hall will remain open

  • Windows on the hallway will remain open

General measures

Please check out the document below:

Corona protocol for CLA and partners
Download PDF • 187KB

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