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New lessons in the agenda

After a very happy reencounter and reopening in June we are happy to announce that more lessons have been added to the agenda.

Starting July there will be 2 additional lessons available in the booking system.

During summer months the gym will remain open with classes running as usual. We might have to cancel some lessons depending on quorum but plan is to keep trainings going on.

Silks and conditioning with Marco Galli

Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:30

During this class the main focus will be on building up strength, stamina and endurance on the silks. Lots of fun tricks and combos to come!


Hello World! I am Marco (34 years old), I was born in South Africa, grew up in Chile and now living in The Netherlands for the past 8 years.

During the day I work with robots and during the evenings I practice aerial silks. I started aerials six years ago in Rotterdam and never stopped! I fell in love with the movement possibilities, the thrill, the sense of control and creativity that this discipline offers (and let’s face it, the pain too!). I began my journey at Circus Rotjeknor where I learned from the best professionals and even had the opportunity to perform with some of them. Later I kept learning and specialising at the Circus Studio Rotterdam where I also started to teach together with great professionals. I worked with the studio running open trainings and classes. Currently I moved to Amsterdam, I have been training with the awesome team of @aerialsamsterdam for the past year and I’m looking forward to sharing my passion, experience, and sweat as a teacher too! During my classes we are going focus on building up strength, stamina and endurance on the silks. Lot of fun tricks and combos to come! See you in July!

Aerial hoop beginners with Tricie Bergman

Thursdays 19:15 - 20:45

With this lesson we bring the beautiful geometry and dynamic possibilities of aerial hoop (Lyra) into the Aerials Amsterdam studio.

During 1.5 hours our experienced teacher will guide you to get familiar and eventually master this technique. The lesson starts with a group warm-up, followed by stretching and core exercises. Afterwards there will be technique exercises and creative sequences on the air adjusted for the level of the students.


My name is Tricie and I’m originally from Vienna, Austria, which is where i started my aerials journey 7 years ago. I have tried pole dance, aerial silks, and hammock, but aerial hoop is what stole my heart! After training in several different countries I have developed a feeling for the perfect balance between strength and flexibility training, and exciting tricks to teach my students. Most importantly i hope to pass my passion for hoop on to anyone who attends my classes!

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