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New nest (Fridays) & flexible cancelations

Two big news for our Aerials family! 🎪✨

Flexible cancelations

Going forward you have the flexibility to unsubscribe from lessons up to 8 hours in advance and still receive your credited session back. Enjoy the convenience of managing your schedule with ease!

New nest @Lolaluid for Friday lessons

Starting April 5th, our Friday classes are taking flight to a new nest: the vibrant and spacious Lola Luid! Just a stone's throw from our current CLA location, Lola Luid at 📍Derkinderenstraat 44 welcomes you to expand your aerial dreams.

🌞 The move includes only Friday lessons (for now...)

🎗 Silks Beginners Plus w/ Laura

🎗 Silks Intermediate w/ Babette

🎗 Silks Absolute Beginners w/ Gabi

🎗 Aerial Hoop for Beginners & Intermediate w/ Gabi

The energy, the community, the laughter, and all the flying fun remains the same—just with a sprinkle of new location magic. Swipe to peek into our new creative space where every flight is a story, and every landing, a memory. 🌱

So mark your calendars, spread the word, and let's soar to new heights together! 🕊️

Please check out the video below to know how to get there.

Address: 📍Derkinderenstraat 44

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