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Aerial Silks Choreo starting in October

We are very happy to announce that on October 5th a new lesson will be starting on Mondays evenings at 19:30.

Aerial Choreo

During this lesson we are going to combine fantastic moves into a beautiful choreography. Each month will be dedicated to learning a sequence set on music that at the end of the cycle will be assembled into a full aerial choreography.

In order to join we require students to have a good understanding of possibilities in the silks and be able to perform the following exercises:

  • Iron-T (aka Christ)

  • Knee climbs. One or several of these: Trocada, French climb, Tango climb

  • Helicopter roll downs (aka Windmill)

Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Level: Intermediate

Bio - Diana Vildanova

As almost every little girl in Russia, Diana started as a ballet dancer. Later on she moved to modern dancing and acrobatics. At the age of 23 she discovered aerial silks for herself and found it a perfect combination of strength, grace, and just the right amount of risk. Over the years it became more than a hobby.

Besides looking after the pointed toes of her students, she combines work of a freelance aerial performer and IT specialist.

In her classes she focuses on techniques and conditioning combining it into flowing sequences with a tint of humor. Her passion is to encourage people to discover what they never thought they could.

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