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Shared equipment

Dear aerial friends!

We have an important update to share with you. From this week onward we are introducing a mixed mode for the use of the aerial equipment at the gym.

Idea is that people can use the silks and hoops provided at the gym or continue to bring their own equipment as we have been doing so far.

Aerial silks

  • We are making available 6 aerial silks that can be used by students and teachers during training.

  • It is still possible to bring your own equipment and rig it at the gym.

  • We are discontinuing the silks rentals going forward.

    • If you were renting a silk please leave it at the back and send us a confirmation email once the rental period has ended.

Aerial hoops

  • Hoops can now be shared by 2 people during the lesson


  • All equipment must be sprayed with cleaning material after using it.

  • You will find the cleaning material on the window ledge

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