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Autumn 2021

As the summer fades away and autumn makes it way into Amsterdam it is time to renew our hobbies and find that indoor activity that will keep us warm for the upcoming months.

At the Aerials gym we have been continuously working through the summer and are ready to welcome you with a invigorating silks lesson, special stretching technique or a hearty greeting during the Open trainings.

Curriculum and lessons

With time more and more lessons have been added to the agenda in order to provide training for more levels and areas of specialization. As a way to give a better sense of progression with the lessons and help everyone find their way to the sky 🚀 we have made some adjustments in the curriculum.

  • New lesson: Silk for absolute beginners

Starting October the Wednesday 17:30 lesson will be focused on absolute beginners. With this change we create a specific lesson por people that are just joining and don't have any previous experience. This will also help the beginner groups focus on their learning process better.

  • Aerial choreography is advanced level now

It was already kind of that way but now we are making it official. The choreo class on mondays requires for students to perform the climbs, transitions and drops while keeping pace with the music while holding themselves for 5-6 min. in the air.

This is like giving Diana a license to kill 💃😈🇷🇺

  • Open training is back to normal!

On Saturdays we host an open training together with Circus Lab Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to join and practice their skills while getting to know better the circus community in Amsterdam.

We have reverted the schedule to 3 hours training on Saturday from 15:00 till 18:00 with a higher amount of people allowed to train at the same time.

More information and signup here:

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